Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Watching kapa haka 20 minute writing

Title : Watching Kapa haka

On Saturday my papa and i went to whangarae to watch te rau po manawa o kawakawa and whangarei
intermediate do their kapa haka performance. When we got there we couldn't find a park. We were driving
around for awhile until this man said “just park on the grass” so we went and drove on to the grass and
walked around we saw some stalls their but my papa just wanted to watch kapa haka so we went over
to get our yellow wrist bands to put on so we could enter the building. When we got inside the building
my papa and i walked around to look for a seat. Finally we found one next to my uncle his name was
Henry he is Zowen dad. We watched the first performance it was cool and loud the the
second kapa haka group walked on to the stage. It was whangarei intermediate one of my cousins
were in it and he was the tall one in the back if you would like o watch it the you can go to te hiku
media and type in the search bar whangarei intermediate.  When te rau po manawa o kawakawa came
on stage everyone started to cheer the they performed if you would like to see their performance go to te
hiku media and type in the search bar Te rau po manawa o kawakawa and you will see them they are
very cool

this is my 20 minute writing its not that much
hope you comment
😊😊😣😀 te raupo manawa o kawakawa !!!

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