Thursday, 22 November 2018

Polar bears Report

: Appearance:
Polar bears are known to have white fur to blend in with the snow and ice that surrounds them.
They have longer necks than other bears and narrow heads.
They have large paws so they are able to swim quicker
through the water. The average male polar bear weighs
450 kg whereas the female polar bear weighs about 150 – 250
kg. A female polar bears height is at 2 meters when they are
on their hind legs and a male's height is at 1.3 meters to their
Polar bears are located in places that are around the arctic circle, including, Norway, Russia,Greenland, Canada, The United States as in, Alaska
and the Arctic Circle itself. Polar bears prefer being on the
annual sea ice covering, as there is a good amount of seals
to feed on. The problem with this is that its melting away due
to global warming, which is causing the polar bear population
to decrease.

A female polar bear eats a lot of food in summer and fall so she can survive the denning period, the denning period, most den’s are dug on land where the snow is thick (denning is when a pregnant female polar bear digs a hole and gives birth in it, she stays in it for 3 months) The season of the denning is usually in Autumn, it may seem like a hibernation but unlike other bears polar bears don't hibernate, they don't get a drop in heart rate or anything that signals a hibernation. The female polar bear will give birth to a cub, sometimes two, that weighs one pound. Once the cub/s weigh 20 or 30 pounds the mother will take them out into the wild and then after 2 years the mother will leave her cub/s. A polar bear has one of the lowest reproductive rates as, In one lifetime a female polar bear can only produce 5 litters of cubs.  

Polar bears will travel extremely large distances when the prey is scarce, a polar bears diet consists mainly of seals but when none are found they will scavenge on, walrus, beluga whale and bowhead whale carcasses. They also sometimes eat bird’s egg’s, and very very rarely they will eat vegetation.Polar bears are very quickly becoming extinct, so quickly that no one is having any time to think about what's happening with global warming, did you know that half of the reason global warming is getting worse is because of us? With less and less trees the world has less oxygen which is causing the ice to melt,where are polar bears going to go when it's all gone Reflection...I enjoyed making this because I like writing about animals and bringing awareness to the people who may not know about what is happening to the polar bears, our goal was to write a good piece of writing that explains everything you would need to know about the animal. I think I achieved that goal .

this is my report writing about polar bears comment

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