Friday, 15 June 2018


 In week 7 term 2  me and my group made pizza dough and mozzarella
it was so delicious  alyssa  and i were going to eat it all because it was a whole tray of pizza 
we wanted it so badly because it had heaps of  mozzarella cheese on it that we made together
do you know why we wanted to eat it    / / / We wanted to eat it because it hat cheese crust 
mmmm so delicious and yum 

Friday, 8 June 2018

What Are We Doing To Our World?

we have been learning about sea animals eating our rubbish and dying  from it  also we have been communicating with each other to help our  ocean stay healthy and not poisoned with toxic and pollution. We also did a green screen about about our rubbish .


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Bully poem

bullys, bullys, bullys , bullys

Maby they're on to something

maby they know

they use words to make me cry

but that won't hurt me because beter then that

it always hurts a little bit but that wont mean anything

cause bullys are bad and we dont want them around us

Monday, 14 May 2018

water cycle

This is a water cycle of the water turning into air,

first when it rains the water runs down a hill and floes in to the sea and gets collected
and it waits for the sun to come out and it evaporate's in to the sky.

Friday, 11 May 2018



Ko Ruapekapeka toku maunga

Ko Taumarere toku awa

Ko Ngapuhi toku iwi

Ko Rawhiti toku  marae

Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua toku waka

No te whanau Heta Hoki ahau

Ko Hirini rawa ko Darryl  toku taina

Ko  Jana toku mama

Ko Sidney toku papa

Ko Deeny toku ingoa

why is our Mare the important part of our school.

Week 5 Writing-Explain

Our Marae - Explain why this is an important part of our school.

Orientation -
an opening statement that identifies the problem, place, facility and/or defines the topic.
I Think our marae is important because  all of us show respect all the people at the back of the marae were here at kawakawa primary school like ages ago. We all belong in the marae and we do everything in  our Marae together.
Body -
points of explanation supported by examples or factual information

(new idea/point = new paragraph)
We  need to have and learn respect to our tupuna in the photos on the  marae wall that look upon us .We all belong in the marae and we do everything in our Marae like practice singing songs doing our prayers and do our mihi.  We do songs like over and over again to practice and we do powhiri for the new people who come to our school.
Ending -
a closing statement that draws the writing to a satisfactory conclusion. For example by summarising the main points
If we didn't have a marae there wouldn't be pictures at the back of the marae of teachers and children who use to work or come to this school.The new people won't  have a warm welcome in to our school and they won't have a delicious and yummy kai to have after their warm welcome. The whole school won’t have a breakfast club without a marae.  That's why i think we should have a marae.