Wednesday, 11 April 2018

How to be a good friend to someone

Title:How to be a good friend to someone

If you want to be a good friend the you have to treat them with the 3 rs.Make sure they're
okay when you see something wrong even if you are playing you ask for help it might
even be a junior.  If someone is lonely and they don't have anyone to play with then you
should go and play with them. Don’t be a bully to other people  or you won’t make any might make a new friend today. Good friends are  good to you.
if someone is  hurt then you should take them  to the
sickbay. A good friends are  there for you a good friend is kind and respectful to you.  
A good friend makes you smile and A good friend uses there manners.  
 A good friend is there to listen and helps you to do your best.
A good friend never gives up on you and a good friend will help you with everything
 all the way to the end. Using your manners.Helping them when they get hurt.


  1. Hi Deeny,
    It's Noah here from St Patricks school in Greymouth I like how you put your planning there but maybe next time you could put every sentence in a different row because it goes all the way across.
    Blog ya later.

  2. thank you noah i willl do that