Friday, 11 May 2018

why is our Mare the important part of our school.

Week 5 Writing-Explain

Our Marae - Explain why this is an important part of our school.

Orientation -
an opening statement that identifies the problem, place, facility and/or defines the topic.
I Think our marae is important because  all of us show respect all the people at the back of the marae were here at kawakawa primary school like ages ago. We all belong in the marae and we do everything in  our Marae together.
Body -
points of explanation supported by examples or factual information

(new idea/point = new paragraph)
We  need to have and learn respect to our tupuna in the photos on the  marae wall that look upon us .We all belong in the marae and we do everything in our Marae like practice singing songs doing our prayers and do our mihi.  We do songs like over and over again to practice and we do powhiri for the new people who come to our school.
Ending -
a closing statement that draws the writing to a satisfactory conclusion. For example by summarising the main points
If we didn't have a marae there wouldn't be pictures at the back of the marae of teachers and children who use to work or come to this school.The new people won't  have a warm welcome in to our school and they won't have a delicious and yummy kai to have after their warm welcome. The whole school won’t have a breakfast club without a marae.  That's why i think we should have a marae.

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