Wednesday, 1 August 2018


today me and my group who go to miss Norman.
we did a slide about tarantulas and we looked at people eating tarantula and we even saw big ones it was discussing.

<     HOPE    YOU    ENJOYED    OR    ENJOY   THE    SLIDE    WE    MADE   IT ABOUT TARANTULAS     SO     DON'T      BE      SCARED      SEE     U     IN     MY     NEXT     BLOG    POST     >   


  1. Hi Deeny, I'm from St. Patricks School and I'm here to tell you that, I really liked what you did, You guys definitely did a lot of effort into making this, And there was a lot of information about tarantulas and some are very interesting, Well See ya!

    1. Hi its me Deeny from kawakawa primary thank you for commenting on my tarantulars it really good to see a comment there comment on my blog

      blog you later

  2. Hi Deeny, It's Sarah from Saint Patricks school in Greymouth. I really like your content you put into your DLO it was really great, I like tarantulas and I learned alot great job.

    - Sarah